Patty Carmody Smith

I love to combine materials and techniques; this makes mixed media a perfect fit for expressing my artistic vision. There are unlimited ways to combine media and my willingness to explore a variety of these keeps me excited about my work. I find myself enthusiastic about spending time in my studio, where I feel propelled by momentum from previous bodies of work.

My style relies equally on intuition and discipline. When I have an idea, I do my best to figure out how to realize it and expand my skill set as necessary. This approach enables me to embrace both the fun and the tedious aspects of being a working artist. Carving Styrofoam, cutting glass, searching for the perfect adhesive or substrate is balanced by meditative hours deeply involved in creating.

Ultimately, it is my goal to create interesting and engaging works of art that are beautiful and bring joy to the viewer.

The Process

I developed this sculptural process in order to make figures that would stand without bases. For the armatures, I carve Styrofoam and fill it with a core of plaster and sand for weight. The carved form is then covered with papier mache, with a final layer of air-drying clay. Patina is achieved with acrylic paint and wax. I sometimes cover the painted surfaces with glass mosaic.


Bachelor's degree in Art, University of Wisconsin at River Falls
Ongoing education with workshops by Gloria Crouse, Walter Nottingham, Barb Kobe, Maureen Carlson and Laura Murray
Mentorship program through the Textile Center of Minnesota 2007-2008