Terry Walsh

I am an artist and painter.

I am a full time painter of oil on canvas fine art. I have made my living exclusively as an artist for over 40 years. I have rarely worked in only one aspect of the art business, but usually two or three at a time. While I have made my living in large part by pursuing work in commercial applications, there has remained one constant throughout: painting on canvas. At times it has risen to a principal position. At others it has been relegated to background status as supporting my family was primary. Painting on canvas has always been for me a way of retaining a connection to art that is not ruled by the mechanics of commercial styles and practices. 

 For the first decades of my career my painting was principally a variety of surrealism and symbolism, usually acrylic on canvas. For the last fifteen years, however, I have been painting landscapes in oil, occasionally a still life, or a hybrid of the two. I take some inspiration from the painters of the Hudson River School and the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.

I hope the viewer will find my particular version of the physical world visually interesting, perhaps emotionally engaging. I wish to impart a little of my personal response to the beauty and even, at times, the majesty of the most mundane facets of that physical world.