Stephanie Evans 

Just like a writer creates characters by giving the reader thoughts and experiences of each one through the medium of words, I too create characters full of history and stories.  Instead of using words, I show my viewer garments and objects worn and used by my characters, created through the medium of ceramics.

I have chosen clothing, mainly the dress form, as my conceptual vehicle to tell these life stories.  Clothes are functional, but are also expressive of the individual.  People choose clothes based on their experiences and the perception they wish to give off.  Adding to the clothes through carving, drawing and creating with them objects they use, I add depth and meaning to their life history.

My starting point is to tell the outward story that is in contrast to and many times different than the inner story of one’s life.  I use clothes, the most functional and outward part of a person’s appearance to tell a more complex and complete life story.  There is an energy that a person leaves with every garment and object worn, touched, and used.  It is this energy that I hope is found in my dresses.