Sandra Quintas

Sandra Quintus is a 3rd generation painter whose extensive background in the field of decorative arts makes for interesting twists and turns in her work.

She learned portrait and figurative drawing as a child from her mother, an accomplished artist and antique restorer and showed early promise, winning state and national competitions as a youth.

Sandra is well known for her fine art murals and trompe loeil treatments which show an advanced understanding paint application and reactions, textures, gilding, theorem stenciling, grisaille, and glazing.  Her murals and commercial installations garnered praise from international judges at Fauxcademy 2004 & 2006 in Las Vegas, NV, and from American Painting Contractor Magazine Top Job Competition in 2012.

Her skills as a fine artist were enhanced through studies with Oil Painter’s of America Masters Daniel E. Greene (2002), William Scott Jennings in (2004), again with Daniel E. Greene (2009) at his studio in upstate New York, and in 2013 with Paul MacCormack in New York.

Her style is recognizably delicate and sensitive without being fussy or precious.  She is adept at handling the subtleties of skin, fabric, and natural materials.  Her paintings of the prairies and wetlands of the Midwest have reserved for her a place in the hearts of those working hard to see these preserved for future generations.Her work has earned spots in the 2008 Paint America Top 100, Oil Painter’s of America Regional Exhibits, and is represented by the Clear Lake Arts Center.