Established in 1987, Coeur de Lion epitomizes the passion for deep, luxurious colors, clean crisp designs, and unusual textures.

At the core of the creative process, glass, acrylic and Lucite special-ordered through master artisans are skillfully combined with stainless steel and aluminum parts Carola favors as her metal of choice.  To last an exceptionally long life, only high grade materials are incorporated in the line.  In addition, her metal parts are expensively treated through eloxation – a bath in which the parts are dipped to lock the surface and protect against scaring- before being thickly plated in silver, rhodium and 24-karat gold.

Of course, Carola trusts Swarovski® exclusively to add some glamour to the mix.  As a major reference and a key player in the high end segment of the market, Carola is oftentimes allowed to introduce new Swarovski® shapes for a limited time, before anyone else.

With 100 new designs introduced every six months, the collection is always rich, always fresh, much to the delight of Coeur de Lion aficionados who throughout the years collect limited edition cubes, balls, sticks in fabulously bold combination of colors.  But the collection is not mass-produced and no designs are made for more than a couple of seasons.   So if you see it and you love it, snatch it!