Nicholas Stelter

Growing up, Nicholas always enjoyed working with his hands and has had a passion for art for as long as he can remember.  He was encouraged in his artistic pursuit while working with his grandfather and watching his artist mother.  In 2000, he stared working with the nationally recognized artist.  For the next 17 years, they collaborated and worked first hand on countless pieces. During this time Nicholas honed his skills and refined his technique. 

Recently, Nicholas set up his own studio in Kaukauna, WI where he resides with his wife.  There, he utilizes metals to create different textures and patterns while working with free form kiln glass.  The glass is then cold worked and polished to create the soothing shapes and organic lines that are indicative of his work. Nicholas explores the purity of form and simple lines that create surprisingly complex pieces mimicking the unpredictability of nature.