Michael Ireland

Primarily known and cited for his use of color and bold simplicity, Michael invites the viewer to share his love of nature, rural America and simple pleasures through the experience of his paintings. Whether it is the fleeting light across a prairie or the sunrise breaking across a table through pane windows, his paintings depict familiar and ordinary scenes with extraordinary results. 

Michael’s paintings are consistent in traditional transparent watercolor technique. He achieves the balance of light and shadow through a transparent glazing wash, allowing the white of the paper to delineate any and all white areas of the scene itself. This disciplined approach to drawing combined with his loose painting style delivers a refreshing result that exudes both spontaneity and control simultaneously.

Michael Ireland has participated in the creative process for over twenty-five years as a watercolorist, musician, muralist and art director for multimedia and film. He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he studied under the direction of Irving Shapiro. Upon leaving school, Michael proceeded to live the proverbial artist’s life. In other words he was a painter, bartender, farmer, college staff member, poet and cook finally settling down as a commercial artist. In 1987 he founded AVID Group, which became a leading design and corporate communications firm in the United States. Michael led AVID Group as Creative Director up until the fall of 2001.

Throughout this whole period, Michael found time to continue to explore the effects of light and color through the medium of watercolor. His lifelong passion is now his lifelong career.