Lori Beringer

An impressionist, known for her landscapes, still-lifes and portraits that capture a joyous celebration and a deep reverence for the blessings of each day.  Her oils express a sense of excitement and energy that come from the intimate exchange of her surroundings.

Although largely a self-taught artist, Lori credits Russian, European and American artists such as Joaquin Sorolla, Nicolai Fechin and John Singer Sargent as influence for her bold vibrant style.   She has studied with Daniel Gerhartz, Albert Handell, Ann Templeton among others.

Lori paints plein air (from life) throughout the year,  primarily in Wisconsin where she was born in 1958.  Her travels have taken her to various painting locations within the states along with Mexico and abroad to France.   Painting on site and experiencing the culture create a timeless sense of place in her work.