Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams, a Chicago-based jewelry designer and silversmith, has enjoyed early success with her distinctive wearable art. Her dramatic jewelry designs reflect her background in sculptural copper work, silversmithing and stone setting, along with her personal interest in all things artistic.

Lisa derives her inspiration for textures, shapes, lines and patterns from simple details that surround us everyday and everywhere. Her studio is filled with natural elements she has collected over the years. Among her greatest sources of inspiration is a box of “metal things,” including found objects, scrap, as well as her own experimental designs, in various stages, which she saves and uses to spark imagination and evolution.

An artist who most enjoys the “art of the craft,” Lisa’s talent and motivation lie in the process of transforming cold, flat metal and wire into flowering, feminine wearable art. To manipulate the metal, she employs an array of techniques, including hammering, hollowware, enameling, etching, anodizing and tool fabrication. 

Lisa’s work encompasses all aspects of jewelry making, from rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Her designs boast an urban, yet feminine quality, characterized by delicate and intricate wire patterns, leafy designs and unusual gemstones. Each piece is hand fabricated with an emphasis on individuality. 

Lisa earned a BFA in Design with an emphasis in metalsmithing from the University of Kansas. She also has studied jewelry design and adornment at Elmhurst Art Museum.