Leonard Fieber

Working with wood, carving, and building functional, one-of-a-kind items has been my creative outlet for the past 40 years.  My father taught me the skills he learned from his father who was a cabinet maker.  I also learned to be patient and to construct a well made and beautiful piece of furniture.  “My love of the outdoors and the materials found there, have led me to use beaver sticks for my latest work.  “A hand constructed, original furniture item in your home can only enhance your comfort, and provide your space with a connection to nature.”

Beaver Chew Furniture is a collaboration between the beaver and me with thanks for design advice from my wife, Martha.  The newly found objects left by the beaver have been an inspiration for me.

“Many works actually begin in the canoe in some remote area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  As I collect the sticks, I am visualizing how they will create my next piece.”