Kimberly Beck

β€œTo me nothing is more humbling and at the same time more exciting, than approaching a blank canvas.”  The process of creation challenges and inspires me as an artist:  the embryo of a new idea, the decision making during the execution, the sheer excitement of the process, and the ability to follow through at the finish, sharing my observations of life with others.   

Beginning of a painting is thrilling, full of hope and possibility.  The end result depends on my preparation in the beginning, problem-solving along the way, and of course sensitivity to the final stages when determining the painting is finished and whether it successfully communicates my initial idea.  This cycle that keeps me perpetually at the easel. 

In recent years, I have focused on developing a body of figurative painting and have continued to add to my oeuvre of avian subjects, particularly birds of the Midwest.  I am passionate about the challenges associated with depicting these subjects.   I wish to inspire others to feel the awe and reverence I have for the natural world as well as tell the stories I encounter that are important to me and might also have meaning for others. It is a great privilege to be able to work as an artist.  My work continually challenges me to grow and learn, both in skill and as a human being. 

Kimberly Beck is a fine artist working from Chicago, Illinois and her art studio in Michigan City, Indiana and regularly at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Art in Chicago.