Janice Rangel

Color and movement are central in all of my paintings. My artwork reflects a balance between realism and the abstract, with a deep connection to landscape and seascape. At times, I will paint from references, but typically my work is spontaneous. Often, color will dictate the mood and direction of a piece. Native to Chicago with its eclectic backgrounds and having experienced life with a splash of the unexpected, my artwork presents my vision of the world, edgy and wrapped in an element of surprise.

 I find joy in the journey from the initial creative inspiration through its full expression. Utilizing my background in design, my paintings have deep rich colors and bold lines. Working in oil stick and pastel has allowed me a fluid freedom and rhythmic approach, which I use on a variety of surfaces. My intention is for people to connect with, and enjoy my artwork, and the inherent harmony between subject matter, color, and movement.