Debra Reid Jenkins

As a painter my goal is to capture with paint specific moments in time on canvas. Ideally that canvas will behave more like a doorway than simply an object on the wall. My original training was in portraiture with a strong emphasis on traditional skills and
techniques sometimes referred to as academic training.  The portrait work led to children’s book and magazine illustration which I did for several years.  During this time I was also learning to paint “en plein air” taking my easel and paints out on location in all kinds of weather.  I found I loved the challenge!  I think my background in figurative work really helped my approach to the landscape, which has always been a kind of “portrait” of place and time.  Having learned what makes a person’s face uniquely theirs, I use those same observational skills in the landscape.

The water in Michigan is another passion of mine.  I’ve canoed and kayaked rivers and the “big lake” as long as I can remember.  I love reflections in the water and looking through waves.  I’m amazed how different it can look from one day to the next.

Patterns in water movement are something I find myself continually drawn to.  Because of the complexity of pattern and light, I am constantly discovering new ways of seeing and painting.