Deb Mortl

My landscape paintings have evolved from traditional and representational to a more non-objective style as I try to capture the essence of the landscape through removing unnecessary and distracting details.  With the age of digital photography and the ease and immediacy of the medium, I think representation is better left for the camera.  My paintings feel more idealistic when I focus on color and texture in my composition and let the layers of color resonate against each other.  Abstract landscapes become more open-ended, letting the viewer decipher their own personal meaning from it.

I rarely start with a plan for my paintings, it is more of a negotiation with the painting itself as it progresses. I use of palette rich in earthy blues, greens and browns, with gold and reds thrown in for good measure.  I build many, many transparent layers until the surface becomes weathered, filled with color and texture.  The veils of color from previous layers are allowed to show through, much like the layers of different vegetation that make up the prairie.