David Lacey

Nova Scotia artist David truly enjoys painting and has met with acceptance and great success in the field. He paints consistently and is considered to be quite prolific. He usually paints in a studio setting and uses his photographs as a reference tool. The photos serve only as a recollection of a scene and he does not strive for photo-realism, but rather to capture a fleeting composition or light. He also enjoys painting on location, "en plein air”.

His style is best described as a painterly impressionism. He believes that no painting can be deemed successful without a strong composition and he feels that understanding the play of light within a work is essential. At this point, it is his belief that being primarily self-taught has been positive in that it has allowed his style to become readily identifiable in its own right. Nova Scotia is rich in subject matter for the landscape and seascape painter and the images that appear on Lacey's canvas reflect this.