Cynthia Tumpach

I have been an oil painter for over twenty years and love the oil media because of the rich colors and many ways of blending, scumbling, and glazing, producing infinite variety of textured effects.  I approach many of my canvases with a monochromatic undertone and proceed with the indirect method of layering paint.  The end result usually appears as soft textures with many brush strokes, and warmth from the undertone.

Interpretive realism is my style doing primarily landscapes of common everyday places.  As a persistent observer, I’m always looking and checking for my next motif.  I single out something that intrigues me and then the composition is determined by the condition and direction of the lighting.  Strong sunshine in contrast with long cool shadows is the lighting I favor.  Many times I will incorporate an animal or person in the landscape to help depict a story or cue in on the focal point.

I try to evoke a feeling of pleasure, serenity, or beauty in all my artwork.  This I accomplished by dramatizing what I see to make it ever better than real life.  I am communicating a particular moment or place to the viewer in a matter that is appealing and uplifting.