Nan Helscher

I have always preferred painting with oil on canvas.  Three years ago I began using cold wax and other mediums in combination with oils and hard surfaces.  This allows me to build the paintings up, using layer after layer to color.  I can manipulate the piece by removing layers or building onto others.  This is a time consuming process and in some cases there can be dozens of layers in one section of the piece. 

I like to say that I sculpt my paintings. I use a variety of palette knives, paint spreaders and scrapers, steel wool, and fine paper to produce the effect I want.  I enjoy manipulating the surface to achieve a visually textured result yet one which is smooth to the touch. 

Oil/Cold Wax work.  No special care other than occassional dusting is necessary.  the piece has a natural glow due to the final buffing of wax. you do not need to rebuff it and a soft cloth will not harm it.  Enjoy!

I have been a Fish Creek resident for 12 years.  Four years ago I helped design a straw bale home in which I now live and claim as one of my favorite projects.  My studio is attached to my home and I am surrounded by woods and nature.  Door County provides a natural palette to draw from and feel fortunate to indulge in its beauty.