Ann Singsaas

The Birch Series (oil on metal) is all about contrast. Contrast in rendering the object and its shadow, but also in the papery, natural texture of birch bark versus the flat machine-made texture of the metal. The oil on metal technique started as a challenge among a small group of graduate students at Eastern Michigan University. We were to paint with our materials in antitheses to our subject. I chose papery birch bark versus flat, brushed sheet metal. The choice of botanical subject versus industrial substrate is intentional and serves to illustrate the constant push and pull of our natural and man made worlds.

Works on aluminum are durable and can be gently wiped clean with a damp, lint-free cloth, then a dry one. Works on copper are coated with a very thin layer of Renaissance wax, an archival wax that prevents tarnish and fingerprints. These too can be wiped clean.

In 1991, Ann Singsaas received her B.A. from Concordia College with majors in Biology, Chemistry and Art. She continued on to studying painting at the University Illinois and Eastern Michigan University. With a mini-studio in Stevens Point Wisconsin, she currently teaches workshops in drawing and painting and exhibits at galleries throughout the Midwest.