Allan Servoss

Allan has conducted watercolor and colored pencil workshops for over 20 years. These include workshops in California, Washington D.C., Arizona, Montana, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

In 1998, he was one of two artists selected to conduct a master class at the International CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) Exhibition. He was also invited to teach a workshop and jury the Midwest Color Exhibition in Chicago, IL in 1999. His colored pencil drawings and watercolors have been exhibited nationally in juried exhibitions, galleries, museums and colleges.

Allan is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and has his ten-year merit award.

Allan's work was the subject of an article titled COLORED PENCIL IMPROVISATION in the January 2006 issue of AMERICAN ARTIST MAGAZINE and his work was also featured in the Winter 2005 issue of AMERICAN ARTIST/DRAWING MAGAZINE. He has also been published in THE ARTIST'S MAGAZINE and THE INTERNATIONAL ARTIST'S MAGAZINE. His work is also featured in eleven books on drawing which include:

There is a story from Sight and Insight by Alexander Eliot about a Chinese painter who, after completing his masterwork, painted a door on it, walked through, and was never again seen. It is this spirit of involvement with a work of art that I try to access. I am intrigued and motivated by the process of doing art, watching the piece unfold by degrees while striving to include only that which is essential, endeavoring to create spaces that I would like to be in."